Who is Walter The Tailor?


Walter Jugovic was born and raised in the small town of Pozega, Croatia. As a teenager he walked daily to the nearby town of Osiek to study under a Master Tailor. In 1975 he emigrated with his wife and Childen to Calgary, Alberta, and then to Richmond BC shortly afterward. He has owned his own tailoring business on the City's busiest corner, Westminster Highway and Number Three Road ever since. 





A Master Tailor in his own right, Walter the Tailor has catered to the city's most discerning ever since, altering existing wardrobe pieces, repairing favourites, and completely redesgining entire wardrobes. For men, and those women that enjoy the cut and feel of pants, suits, and jackets, Walter The Tailor can make you feel better, by looking better.




Walter's Commitment



Walter stands by his work. he enjoys spending time with you in his cosy studio (Complete with private changing area), only hosts single appointments, discusses your requirements, ensures your comfort with his plans, and offers a quote and pick-up time before you leave the studio.