The Female View of Tailoring

If a man needs a great reason why they should own a tailored suit, then how about ‘What Women think?’

While we always think of a professional workplace and dressing as if you know what you are talking about, have you ever thought what a Woman finds ‘Hot’? After all, while you are trying to look cool, the members of the opposite sex that you are passing in your local Coffee Shop, or on Transit to and from the office are thinking something completely different.

We trawled the Internet for some reasons to look as good as possible, and how wearing a tailored suit can change the way they look at you. Here are some great highlights:

There are few things more impressive than a man in a suit. The right custom suit can turn even the grungiest guy into an interesting piece of work. However, be careful. While a suit may well make all the ladies in the room fainted in lust, an inept game is just plain ugly. Many people make the mistake of trying to cut corners in a suit ready to finish and go too loose or too tight, looking way less impressive.

Invest in a suit. That makes all the difference when it comes to first impressions at work or social activities. The development of the canvas made to fit the nuances of form and style says a lot when you meet someone for the first time. A man’s suit that fits like a glove exudes professionalism and a certain charm. It's like a modern armor for contemporary man.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when considering the benefits of a suit.

First, the ability to choose your own fabric material avoids the cheap and fragile cloth that many brands are trying to sell. During the consultation with your tailor, you have full control of the quality of the fabric, the pattern and thread count. It shows that a man has made a decision to purposely look as good as he can – something irresistible to Women that also think this way.

Wool and cotton are wrinkle resistant and versatile, while the flannel is considered more fashion forward, but are harder to maintain. A linen suit not only plays an important role in determining the price (the number of threads, the more the bill), but also indicates a level of comfort and quality of the fabric. If you're in the market for an outfit that is practical, go with a wool suit with a low 100s count for durability and comfort.

The fact that the jacket is made to fit your unique shape is priceless. A trial should move with you and highlight the best features of your body. No elbows or Wide Fit here - all the details of its contours is taken into account when it comes to tailoring, making sure everything is done to measure the height and width. Whether you prefer fashion short hems and clean lines, or a more traditional look, a suit can tell your individual preferences. If you are on the shorter side, for example, you may require a jacket with double ventilation to create a silhouette that lengthens your frame. Although tall, thin men should opt for the ventilation system does not have a single or a smoother and fuller.

Did you ever think that we were being looked at in such detail? It’s time to get your look ‘into the game’, and think along the lines that the Girls are!

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