Why the Work Suit Works


Is it still ‘Old Fashioned’, or ‘Stuffy’ to dress for success at work? Is it more important to be cool at work, rather than being professional? When given the choice, it is important to dress the way that people want to see you, not strictly for your own comfort. Why - Because the way that you are perceived is still vital to success. We still get the information we need as Human Beings through our eyes, and the more we look like the decision makers in our lives, the more successful we appear. Even if your immediate Supervisor believes in dressing down, he may not be the decision-maker you are looking to impress. Here are some facts to bear in mind when dressing for work, and dressing for success.

You are what you appear to be.

It may appear shallow, but we still draw conclusions about others within seconds of first meeting them. Not only are these conclusions hard to shake in the future, even if we see evidence to disprove them, when these conclusions are positive ones, when through our appearance we send visual cues that people receive in a positive light, something amazing happens, what researchers term the "halo effect."

According to the halo effect, there is a ‘like’ formed between people that appear to be the same: This is the main reason that successful Sales professionals work hard to be as similar to their prospective clientele as possible: From posture, to speech patterns, and especially dress. If you look attractive, you will go further in your professional workplace, given that your work is of an acceptable level. How important is it to be liked?

Getting the Job means dressing for it.

Let’s look at this effect when interviewing for a job. A guy can rely on his persistence and on the strength of his resume when landing an initial job interview, but assuming everyone on the final interview list is qualified, what factor may end up being the tipping point - The thing that either lands that second interview or sinks any chance of it: Personal appearance. A study reported on by corporate image consultant Susan Bixler in The New Professional Image, the No. 1 reason given by over 150 employers for rejecting a job applicant following the first interview was poor personal appearance.

Dressing for Success at work!

How about once you are settled in your position? According to "Beauty and the Labor Market," published by the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research, men who are attractive enjoy a premium on salaries, upwards of 10%, compared to their less appealing colleagues, a finding largely independent of occupation. So can looking your best really make an impact on your current salary? There is only one way to find out: Upgrade the way you present yourself at work.

Most professions today rely on a presentation, or public performance of some kind- even if this is a low-key meeting, the same rules apply: It’s not purely being more persuasive or successful in changing the minds of others with your knowledge it is the overall presentation of your abilities that mean everything. Studies have shown that appearance alone is more than enough. Attractive people, by virtue of their appearance alone, have been found to be more persuasive than their unattractive counterparts. Curiously, people tend to confer upon attractive people the quality of being an independent thinker, someone whose opinion is beyond undue influence.

When given the choice over dress, look professional, and match your unique business skills with the presentation that they deserve: dress for success, and get some knockout suits for work – even if no-one else is! A well-tailored professional suit can be worth so much more than the money you pay for it – it could mean landing that contract, earning more, and becoming the success you are by looking it!

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