What to wear to the Prom

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This is the time of year for high school proms, and that means it’s also the time of year for a lot of dress-related anxiety. Too many guys not only want to experiment, look ‘grown up’, match your date, and wear something that will show your personality, without upsetting Mom, Dad, and the Faculty too much!

If the lesson to learn here is - relax (because your personality is just as important as your dress and is integral to your overall look). Concentrate on looking good, being comfortable, and projecting that relaxed image that you know what you are doing – Girls love it!

Another point to bear in mind is why waste money? You are still in the midst of growth spurts, so it’s pointless getting a Tuxedo that you won’t wear again for years because it won’t fit by then. Unless your school prom has a strictly formal dress code, we don’t even suggest wearing formal evening wear. It’s way too clichéd, and expensive. No matter how formally your date is decked out (Girls always out-dress guys, so don’t try to compete.), bearing three things in mind will help men of all ages:

Keep it classic, keep it timeless; and keep it tasteful.

You want to look like someone who took control of his clothes, not a man whose clothes got draped over him by a relative or a rental tux salesman, stay away from the gaudy offerings you’ll see a lot of places. Instead, deck yourself out in the powerful elegance of black and white. With just a few tasteful touches of color here and there you’ll be an impressive alternative to the guys in the goofier, novelty-style “formal” garments. By dressing to true black tie standards when most of your peers are in more costume-like garments you’re sure to stand out.

It may be worth splashing out on a slightly more versatile black suit, and simply sprucing it up a bit. One advantage of investing in a classic black suit is that you will get extended wear out of it well after your event. As you are likely to be moving into the world of professional employment, a black suit is versatile enough to be worn to job interviews, special occasions and everything in between.

Stick with a smart white shirt and accessorise with a colourful tie to really differentiate it from customary office wear. A printed pocket square can offer a similar amount of panache as the tie; just break up the black and white theme with a splash of colour to show that you are fun. Shoes, however, are non-negotiable. They should match your suit, be clean, and be comfortable – after all you will probably be dancing!

Your Prom is meant to be fun, as well as an introduction to the Adult world of classy, dress up, more formal events. Try not to get stressed out with the expectations of others, look to be classy, and clean.

Make sure you have all of the pocket space you need (You’ll have to keep that i-phone somewhere while you are moving around your venue.), and be someone that looks like a budding tycoon. Enjoy one of the last nights of your school life, so look like you are ready to move into the Adult world – and watch the drinking!

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