Get a Tailor's help for 'Back-to-School' time

Do you notice those `Back-to-School Ads are back on TV? They are tough to miss, and a little warning bell probably goes off at the back of your mind when you watch them warning you that there is a ton of clothes shopping to do. Here are a couple of ideas that will save you money, take a worry from your mind, and help your kids look like Rock stars this fall.

If your child is a younger one, it’s time for those old favourites: Hand-me-Downs - however, with an interesting twist. A couple of visits to your local tailor – especially for those fast growing boys – will show you how to make him look his best, AND develop a liking in him for a better dressed future. When you include a child’s input into his wardrobe, you will be surprised at how quickly they will ‘get into it’, and look at tailoring as a normal thing to do in future years – imagine how proud you will be when he starts job searching, or Prom-going with an intrinsic sense of style, not simply following everyone else.

For those that live a ‘Green’ lifestyle, you are also repurposing materials rather than buying an all-new wardrobe, diminishing the amount of energy, resources and materials needed to manufacture clothing, not to mention the fuel it takes to transport them from the factories to the stores.

A professional tailor can do wonders with an outfit, hemming and taking it in (or out) so that it fits children like a custom-made garment. And you'd be surprised at how affordable tailoring can be.

For kids' clothes especially, a little personalizing will go a long way. Get a patch of their favorite animal, Super-Hero, or Sports team stitched onto the front. For older kids and teens, get collars monogrammed, or an Izod-style icon stitched onto the breast pocket. A Tailor can also replace buttons. A button-down shirt, cardigan or coat will look completely different with fresh buttons. Dress up a cardigan with pearl buttons or contrasting-colored ones, or putting new brass buttons on a jacket or a blazer to give it a military look.

Think ‘out of the box’ for kid’s wardrobe: A shirt looks cute with a row of mismatched buttons, or you can even sew them on in a pattern to make a design. If you're looking for buttons for a specific garment, take the garment with you to the fabric store, or Thrift Shops so you can find buttons that fit into the buttonholes.

‘Back to School’ has become a big business. Students want to follow the latest trends with the most popular styles, and back to school shopping has become a multi-million dollar business. It was reported in 2013 that the average spending per child nationwide is $131 for clothes and $48 for other school supplies. A recent National Retail Federation survey found that families with children in kindergarten through 12th grade are expected to spend $688.62 on average for back-to-school items this year, up from $603.63 last year. Why not get back to older generational thinking, and ensure that you use everything as much as you can. With re-using, re-purposing, and recovering, you and your local tailor can work miracles with those old clothes hanging around the house, and give your child a well-dressed return to studies this year.

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