Defeating the Crazy Christmas Sweater

At some stage this festive season you’re bound to be asked by your significant other to put on one of those novelty Christmas jumpers which feature 3D designs and tacky lights. Why? Because Ladies are sometimes obsessed with making us look ‘fun’. If your wardrobe is too serious for such a festive time of the year, then possibly you should be able to lighten up.

While it’s acceptable for one day – or even for several evenings over the Christmas week - what about the rest of the winter season, and after that? It’s unlikely that you are going to wear your Christmas sweater until spring, but the festive jumper can still look Christmassy and wintery with a pattern, as long as you can keep it subtle. If your lady wants you to be more “fun”, beat her to the punch and go shopping for one on your own. That way you can ensure that – while loud – it’s still an integral part of your wardrobe.

Whether you choose a shawl, Crew-neck, or V-neck sweater, all of which are now in high fashion thanks to the prevalence of the current ‘Hipster’, plaid look, ensure that your CCS (Crazy Christmas Sweater) at least complements the rest if the look you are going to match to it.

Luckily, there are enough bright colours associated with semi-casual men’s looks today that allow you to wear red Jeans, or even light blue shoes with your sweater, so cast around to see what needs upgrading, what can be worn for several occasions, and what complements that sweater you secretly have your eye on.

Textures are another important detail to look into. You don’t want to choose a winter, Christmas sweater with dress shoes or pants. After all, you are going for the effortlessly casual look. Look for denim, chino’s, or corduroy for your pants. These will showcase the chunky, casual, wintry look of your Nordic or Christmas sweater – think Apres Ski in the Chalet, not Dress up Cocktails in the Hotel bar. However, you will be able to wear tyour festive get up in the latter, too.

For footwear think lace-up boots, deck shoes, or clean, new running shoes. All of these choices will help you look both fun and relaxed. Need a shirt underneath it (and does the collar line allow you to do so?), you can wear a Polo or T-shirt but, again, have fun with the colour and design. Even a festive Toque, or beanie, will look good both indoors and out as part of your festive look.

You can even stretch this look to a luxurious side with upmarket threads from some of the high-end stores, and show your Christmas party that you can be uptown, and fun. Matching your wardrobe can be a great exercise in effortless “wardrobe safari-ing”, or a short shopping trip, so get fun this Christmas, and wear that Crazy Christmas Sweater – matched with your wardrobe, with pride!

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