Staying stylish in the winter.

Whether you are travelling out by taxi for social occasions this winter, or simply commuting to the office by Transit, you may want to dress appropriately. Any time spent outside of your house, or the car may well mean that you need a dressy, stylish set of outfits that also keep you warm. Are there any “rules” to dressing for the weather, and still looking good indoors? Here are a few ideas for you.

For fabrics, you can do worse than wool. You may well have linen suits in your wardrobe that work wonderfully in Spring and Summer, but may not provide too much protection against winter winds and rains. Although the Western Canadian climate doesn’t usually include too much snow, those winter storms are still cold enough for us – as well as seeming to happen for 8 or 9 months a year! Since it’s a natural fabric, Wool is warm enough for winter, but it won’t overheat when you get inside your cab, or friends’ house. For an up-market look that is still protective against dark, windy nights, you can also look at Cashmere.

To play it safe with Colour, you can always stick to the old rules: “lighter colours in spring and summer; darker shades in autumn and winter”. Nowadays, when brighter colours for the whole spectrum of Men’s attire is in vogue, you may want to look at more electric colours, but for a wider array of wearing possibilities, stick to black, navy or grey, and for colour and interest look to patterns to raise the Drama.

Talking of Patterns, think of checks and stripes. Even ‘old fashioned’ patterns such as hounds-tooth, windowpane or Prince of Wales check can be real scene stealers when accessorized correctly. Talking of Old fashioned, how about good old Tweed!

As far as Style is concerned, a double-breasted suit is worth considering, since it offers a little extra protection from the winter chill. Although it doesn’t work for everyone, a three-piece suit is a stylish option that also adds to warmth, while looking good. Although in the past three-button suits were perhaps considered a little formal, these days, two or three buttons are pretty interchangeable and either will likely see you through the winter months.

Finally, of course, let’s talk about accessories. If it’s true that ‘The Devil is in the Details”, ties, pocket squares, scarves and socks can all offer opportunities to mix and match, show an homage to older days (Think of a knitted tie, for instance.), and also add some fun for special occasions. If it doesn’t remind t[you too much of your father, layering your single-breasted jacket or blazer with a V-neck sweater is also a great way to look a little more casual, while keeping as toasty as possible.

As with all wardrobe choices, get a winter suit with ‘legs’, something that you will wear for a few seasons ahead, not for a specific occasion. The heavier the fabric, the more expensive it will get, so ensure that you are buying – and matching – for the long term.

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