Is it time to get ‘Slouchy’?

When compared to Women’s fashions, difference in Men’s sartorial design is positively glacial. Of course, some movements spawn an almost immediate reaction, so the big question this Spring is this: Will the ‘Slouchy Suit’ catch on in numbers required to make a difference, or is this just a reaction to the ‘Skinny Suit’ fad that now is approaching its 10th Anniversary?

With a longer West Coast Spring and summer season being forecast once again, it would make sense for Men’s dress fashions to get a little more comfortable – especially if this is becoming the ‘New Normal’. However, if this style becomes popular enough, Brands and retailers will have to start to take notice in order to get ready for a possible warm weather boom. Already, this looser silhouette is beginning to percolate among some European and American designers.

Ten years since skinny suits began? Yes, but it was a gradual change from Runway to Shopping Mall, when it appeared that everyone was wearing them. Now, The Men’s Wearhouse, which appeals to the male masses with more than 1,700 stores in North America, calculates that slim-fit suits now represent 45 percent of the company’s business. Brooks Brothers, those Preppy specialists have said that; “We’ll probably test something in the winter of next year or even spring-summer 2017.”

This means that jacket silhouettes in 2016 will start moving toward more deconstructed shoulders and chest pieces, creating a little bit more of a “slouchy” silhouette, “but it’s not a big, baggy suit,” he said. After all, we’re talking about men’s wear, where a large portion of the population is probably still wearing slouchy suits anyway — having never cleaned their Nineties versions out of their closets!

In North America, older men are just now getting into slim suits. The Europeans are more stylish and we are more conservative, but be prepared to see something more of a soft construction in fashion wear on the streets, from those in the forefront of fashion this spring. Of course, this may not be ready-for-the-office yet, but think back to the turn of the Century: No-one would have thought that body-hugging, over tight suits would be the De Riguer professional dress for everyone under the age of 40 at any time of the future – now, you can’t find a more open, relaxed look.

All this trend will require is for men to start co-ordinating their look (See the picture above) with darker, more formal colours, and this look would be more than acceptable in any office. In fact, if this look appears somewhat familiar, it dies owe a debt of gratitude to the ‘New Romantic’ look of the 1980’s – another time when men’s fashion s merged a relaxed style, with a more formal look.

From a tailor’s point of view, it simply has a wider, fuller style with tapered legs, so the basic construction is similar to either the full-look, or skinny styles that we see on the street every-day. We can help you with this look, just bring a picture of the kind of look you want to us, and we can discuss what kind of material you need – obviously, Cotton would be a good match for the warmer weather to come. Ince we have your measurements and plan on file, we can simply build you outfits frim heavier material if the fashion turns that way for a colder time of year.

If one view of the picture above screams to you: “There’s no way I would be seen in that!”, be prepared to spot them around your local high street starting this summer – you heard about the Slouch suit look here, first.

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