Top tips for the 2016 Summer suit – Pt 1

It gets to that time of year when everyone has booked their event for the Summer. And it’s great for all involved as catching some rays has never been a bad thing, but it can be difficult to then adjust your outfit to the heat. A suit can get too hot but what else is acceptable, say for a Summer wedding? From the fabric to the colour, everything plays a part. You’ll want to look as slick as possible but without sweating too much. So, in this post you’ll have everything you’ll ever need to know about the best men’s summer suits – or even the wedding’s Best Man! So you’ll still be looking suave whilst keeping cool.

Suit Cut

The fit of the suit will be based entirely on your preference. Check with the woman in your life for the best answer: Classic Fit – A clean body shape, but cut big enough through the chest and waist, which results in less constriction for the wearer. It’s perfect for those who are not used to wearing suits very often or the bigger guy as it allows for more room, as it won’t enhance your ‘manly figure’. Slim Fit – This cut is fitted closer to the body and doesn’t have any excess fabric. But, remember that if you can’t lift your arms in a suit, it is probably too small for you. Even suits with extreme slim fittings need to be comfortable and allow you to move freely. Modern Fit –Falls between the two: They’re not as spacious as the classic fit, or as sharply tailored as the slim fit. These suits are perfect for men who want to look sharp, but no comfortable in a modern, slim fit suit.

Two or Three Piece?

Choosing between a two piece or three piece summer suit depends on the formality of the event, as the more formal, the better it is to opt for one as opposed to the other. However, you can generally make the choice that feels best to you (Once again, check with your loved one!) A three piece suit can make you look incredibly formal and slick and, when it’s warmer, you can ditch the jacket and spend the rest of the day or evening in the waistcoat if it’s too hot, but still look presentable. Remember that if you prefer the look of a double breasted suit, they can be harder to pull off if the waistcoat is missing. A two piece suit is a great option for those who want to keep their look low key. Opt for single breasted which better suits a two piece suit. Single breasted jackets are also easier to incorporate into more looks, such as teaming them for a smart casual look with jeans, or a simple block colour tee.

These simple questions to research are the basis f the planning you will need to do for a specialty tailored Summer suit. By the time you have come up with the answers to these points, we will be back with pointers toward the best fabric and colour…because it’s Summer. Let us make you the best looking, well dressed guy on the deck with a cocktail in his hand.

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