Top tips for the Summer Suit for 2016 – Pt 2

Looking for the best men’s summer suits can be a somewhat scary task. But with such a range of fabrics, fits, ranges and colours to choose from, you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect one , or the one that has the perfect effect for that special occasion. From a summer wedding suit, to a formal occasion or cocktails on the patio, there’s something for everyone.

Firstly, find a Tailor that can help you with a choice. Just a fitting, with an idea of the event you are looking to impress at will be enough for a professional to help narrow down your choices, and present some wonderful options for you. With a choice of lapels, cut, and choice of styles, the possibilities are endless. So here are some more ideas you can use, and some possible style traps to be aware of.


This is a natural fibre so breathes well in warmer climates, and also absorbs moisture well making it good for sweaters, as well as more formal wear. It’s also machine washable, if you like the idea of pressing afterward!

However, it offers little flexibility and no natural stretch, so can feel a little tighter and more restrictive if you are planning ‘active’ wear Also, depending on the colour, cotton can easily show water or moisture marks and, if the cotton fabric wasn’t properly pre-shrunk, you could get some shrinkage after having it cleaned and pressed.

Cotton will show wear and tear, but offers a great look for the price.


Another lightweight fabric so is great for keeping you cool, however, it creases easily, due to its lightweight construction, so perhaps a more ‘cozy’ gathering is preferred so that a crisp, clean look is all that important. It can also stain easier than other fabrics, so keep that Merlot away from it.


Comfortable and breathable, Silk is cool to the touch, feels great on the skin, and looks amazing to everyone else. Sadly, it reacts poorly to excessive perspiration, so the lifespan of a Silk suit is somewhat shorter than other fabrics. For a special occasion, however, it is a literal Show-Stopper.


The crinkling effect that Seersucker is permanent, so no ironing is required and, apparently, the crinkling is supposed to help air circulation. It comes in various colours, and is definitely noticeable! Be aware, though, that it’s not suitable in colder climates, so you will be famous for wearing that Summer Seersucker, because you can’t wear it at any other time, and it’s incredibly expensive!

Men’s Summer Suit Colours

Mid Blue – A great alternative to the traditional navy, the mid blue suit gives a fresh and effortless look. Team with extra blue such as a crisp light blue shirt, or add a white shirt to break it up.

Pale Grey – Grey may not be something new to suits, but opt for a couple shades lighter to get the summer feel. This neutral shade can be teamed with any tone of shirt luckily, so the choice is yours. Opt for gingham shirt to mix it up or - again - a classic white.

White – This is the go-to colour for summer, but it’s a difficult one as you don’t want to outdo the bride at a wedding! It is, however, an easy shade to style. Make sure your whole look doesn’t consist of all white, such as your shirt, suit and shoes, unless you have another colour to break up the look, otherwise you’ll run the risk of looking like a ghost.

Beige – Yes, Beige! A great twist on white, opt for beige to keep cool and look cool. Slightly more practical than white, a beige suit is a great blank canvas allowing you to mix and match with any shade. Go for a light blue or pale pink shirt to add a pop of colour.

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