Fall Fashions – A ‘Grown-Ups’ Guide for 2016

Summer has officially gone but, in this city, we know that we have at least a few weeks of ‘changeable’ weather patterns before fall and winter set in for good. How can you look your best, without having to buy an entire new wardrobe? When we refer to men’s fall fashion, we’re talking about putting yourself together in a way that shows that you are aligned with the seasons (and the weather) without straying too far from the way you present yourself all year round.

Sweaters are in, and can be worn under suits, if they don’t bunch the material too much. You may have better luck with a thin Polo neck sweater. In fact with ties, shoes and other accessories, there are endless variations and combinations you could put together to put your style in season. Summer is all crisp and clean with its smooth blues that mimic the uninterrupted sky on those perfect July days when there’s not a cloud to be seen. But when the weather turns cooler the details become more apparent. The skies become dappled with clouds, the leaves go from uniform green to a multitude of shades and your look ought to mimic that change.

Fall is a time for calmer shades that allow you look a great match for the falling leaves, not a glaring bright spot. Look at suits and accessories dedicated to earth tones like clay, copper, moss, russet and sand. Solid suits with off-white checks, or tonal blues that stick nearer navy blue than sky is the way to go. However, if you want to be ultra-chic, the autumn/winter 2016 fashion runways showed us that stripes might slowly be surrendering their status as the most versatile patterns out there. This season will see checked tailoring and outerwear trending at top tailoring houses and commuter trains, and enough with last year’s the head-to-toe tonal grey looks. All of these ides will having you look your best during the Baseball Playoff season.

You can blame Kanye West for this, at least in part. While some of fashion’s taste-makers dismissed Yeezy’s stab at luxury fashion as just another headline-grabbing gimmick, the rest of the industry lost no time in doing the right thing: ripping the collection off! While the textured look has visual appeal, heavier fabrics like Flannels and Cashmeres have a more functional purpose. They don’t just look the part of fall fashion, they deliver the kind of warmth that those of us who reside north of the California border start employing at the beginning of October.

Woolen vests can be a great buy, right now. Worn with a solid suit, this extra layer turns an all-seasonal outfit into a fall approved option and lets you stretch your wardrobe without having to resort to a topcoat during the week. For the weekend, what’s better than a cashmere blend blazer like a Burgundy Windowpane Custom Blazer for a getaway to take in the fall foliage?

A warning, here, though: Fall Fashions mean a look that favours slimmer men; patterns naturally add bulk to frames, so beware if you packed up your beach body with your summer wardrobe.

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