How to Be the Best Dressed Man at Any Holiday Party

Now that we’re getting close to the holiday season, you’re sure to be invited to a holiday party of some sort: the professional office party, the casual family get-together, the social get-together. How’s a guy supposed to dress for such occasions? Any tailor or fashion and style Maven will tell you the same things. Here’s a hint: You’re an Adult, so steer clear of bright red and green!

As the best rule-of-thumb, treat holiday events as different occasions than you’re used to. It’s not dressing for work, a wedding or the average night out. It’s the holidays. It’s winter. It’s festive. You really should think about what you can do differently but still express your style and have the right appearance when you show up. Firstly, dress the right way for whichever type of party you are being invited to, so here are some recommendations on dressing yourself for those three basic holiday parties.

It Only Takes Three Pieces

But they have to work together. Shirt, bottoms and something over the shirt, whether it’s a sweater, sports coat or something else — it depends on the type of event.

Dress Prepared To Make the Change

You may find that the biggest challenge for guys is that they’re often transitioning from work to a holiday event, and no-one wants to change completely for the event, so figure out how you can use some of the pieces to transition into the evening. Two out of the three holiday party components can be what you wear to work, just swap out one piece for the fancier one when you join the festivities.

The Professional Holiday Party:

A Holiday Party, either at your office or your law firm’s office best suits a classic midnight blue suit. Paired with a classic white shirt, it’s great for the office, but before the party, swap the shirt for a darker color, another shade of blue, perhaps, or a dark turtleneck. You can also play with the pocket square or switch out with a different tie. Perhaps it’s time to show off that silk vest, for instance! Everyone will know you are partying after 5.00pm. Remember that a well-structured jacket is a must-have for any type of holiday event.

The Social Holiday Party:

Perhaps you are going to a fancy holiday party at their house. You’re going to want to keep it a little more relaxed than you would for a professional party, but not much. How about a great pair of jeans, really dark-rinsed denim, not washed. It looks a little dressier. And go for a clean shirt, usually white, black, navy blue or a really deep fun colour, such Burgundy. Why not top it off with a tux jacket. It looks really fashionable, and rarely will you find another guy wearing it.

The Casual Holiday Party:

This would encompass your family get-together, a party at the in-laws, or the neighbours — this is where you can afford to loosen up a bit, but still look like you cared. Jeans or chinos and a casual shirt or sweater will still make you the snazziest guy there, for most of these get-togethers.

As Always, Take Time to Get It Tailored

What great tailoring does is give projects attention to detail, and when you’re wearing tailored clothes you feel more confident, and confidence is important, especially at those work events.

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