A New Wardrobe for a New Year

If there is a New Year’s Resolution that you should be following it’s maximizing your wardrobe over 2017. Why now? Have you noticed the amount of everyday Jackets and matching pants that you see on the streets these days? It’s obvious that the professional wardrobe pendulum has swung back from the casual, hipster wardrobe every day to a more tailored look. If you are still wearing plaid and ripped jeans, in a very short while, you will be in the minority that Tech Nerds were in about a decade ago. You don’t need to be overdressed for every single occasion, but very soon, you will be expected to dress as an adult in order to be taken seriously by both Bosses and Ladies.

But you can’t afford it, right? You’re stuck with a second-rate salary, and shopping more than once in a blue moon would break your bank account. You want to dress better, but the price tag is just too high. But what if it wasn’t? What if you could upgrade to a sharper-looking wardrobe on a super-tight budget? Well, you can upgrade your Wardrobe without spending a fortune – and this time of year can be the perfect time to do so.

Firstly, let’s look at Sales. This time of year, the Menswear market is full of those items that stores thought would fly off the shelves at Christmas and didn’t. Right now, stores and menswear departments have a lot of stock they need to get rid of before the Spring and Summer looks come in. You can’t move in any mall without seeing: “2 for the price of 1!”, “Buy 3 and get 30% off!” and “Buy 2 and the 3rd is free!” This is a great time to pick up shirts and slacks that guarantees the look that suits you and a variety of colours in those styles at up to 75% off their regular prices.

Secondly, look at Thrift stores. Although they always have a whole lot of clothes to look through, a lot of men clear out their wardrobes in the Winter, when they realise that they don’t want to wear suits, jackets and winter coats that are a few years old. Some of these may be barely worn, and you can get them up to 90% off! The local charity store is a great place to take them, and you also will be lending a helping hand by shopping there.

Matching blue, black and grey pants paired with plain white, or pastel shades of shirts (Bought at your local department store) are easily matched with those jackets and outer coats from the Thrift store. Shoe stores generally have a good deal on BOGO half-off or multiple purchases at lower prices. No need to shop high end for outerwear shoes, because you are probably going to have to wear them during the Winter and Spring storm and shower season during your commute, so buy boots and runners/trainers that can be trustworthy during those weather events.

If you are adding sweaters, or ties (Heaven forbid), they can all come later when you need them – but that Thrift Store will also have a good supply to get you started. Without all of those additional components, you can still buy enough for the 36 different outfits I promised above that can be worn at every event, and will be a great base for your wardrobe.

Fit isn’t that important, by the way. Go to your local tailor, and have everything fitted to you. It’s not as expensive as you think, will ensure that everything fits you like a glove, and helps you keep your weight at its optimum, too. After all, you don’t want to look stuffed into an ill-fitting wardrobe, do you? You may as well take steps to make sure you look as good as you can for as long as you can!

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