Best Looks from The Oscars

When I watch the Oscar ceremonies, of course I have an interested eye on the Men’s fashions. While most Dinner suits (or Tuxedos) looks are identical, you can always see new fashions coming in, or changes in Tie design, and other accoutrements. This year, for instance, I noted a lot of black running shoes with tuxes, definitely a further nod to an Urban look, even attached to an outfit that you would wear perhaps once a year.

I keep a Tuxedo for very special occasions, so I’m never actually shopping for one, but we do occasionally fit a customer with evening wear for high-impact evening dress. You only need one, but it’s worth looking after - perhaps keeping it inside a suit bag or carrier inside your closet – and check it once per year for fit. What better time to do this than at Oscar time? Not only are you reminded by some very well-dressed men, it may give you a boost to shed so e winter weight over the upcoming spring!

The answer to the question ‘What should I look for in an evening suit?’ is one of body shape. What makes all of those young 20-something actors so slim doesn’t fit everyone, but if you notice the M.C., writers, producers, and other non-front-of-the-camera artistes, you will see men of different heights, weights, ages and looks that famous designers have dressed for the evening.

Whether it’s a vest, long tie, ‘Preacher-style’ suit (Remember Samuel L. Jackson a few years ago?), or slim cut tuxedos, white Tropical jackets, or traditional black, your body shape will dictate what looks best for you. You may not wear a Dinner Suit very often but, given the right occasion, you can’t go wrong with one. James Bond never looks out of place, and the Lady in your life will love the decision to get one. How about spending special evenings at the River Rock Casino – you will be dressed perfectly for that!

Here’s some favorite looks from our style friends at Gentlemen’s Quarterly. Which one is your favourite? We can help you with a made-to-measure tuxedo whatever decision you make!

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