The Professional Looks for Fall 2017

Men are lucky, when it comes to looking professional. There isn't too much variation when it comes to ‘the broad strokes.’ While Womenswear is loaded with variety in terms of silhouettes and fabrications, men are pretty much rooted to the traditional suit. With Fall - or Autumn – just around the corner, any kind of excitement that we can pass on about Men’s Suiting ads and fashions are tempered by: “Well, it’s just a suit!” responses. Is there anything new coming?

Well let’s ignore the truly outrageous ideas of the big names in the Fall and Winter runways and concentrate on the recent Red Carpet movie events of the major movies we will be enjoying all winter, then there is: A subtle shift that you can join in with, look like a movie star, and look professionally good at the office.

First, bright, jarring colours are out – great news for most of us. Recent Movie Premieres have shown us dark, muted greys and dark blues that are seasonally appropriate, and any patterns in them are likewise underplayed and matched: A lighter grey check or plaid within a dark grey palette, for instance. This is not only more adult, it helps those of us that have put on a few extra ‘craft-brew-pounds’ over these last few weeks.

As we have mentioned before, Double-Breasted suit fashions appear to have returned. These look simply silly in bold colours, so while you may seem some creams next Summer (if the trend continues.), these may remain within the basic Blue, Brown, Black palette. A note, here that the wearer’s weight issues are amplified in this style, so if you are planning this style for Fall and beyond, make sure this doesn’t make you look like a hastily packed camping tent! Of note with the return of the Double-breasted look is the slightly looser fit that these demand. This may be the start of the end of the slim-fit look. While slim-fit double breasted suits are available, the look is one of confinement, and a looser style is more practical and attractive.

Additional news from the ‘Darker, cleaner Fashion’ department is that the accessories have gotten brighter to set off this more professional look. Ties, tie-clips, cufflinks and pocket squares have all pumped up the colour volume. Think of a reverse Ron Burgundy-look. Forget the gold or orange tie with a gold jacket, but when introduced into a darker wardrobe, it looks fantastic. Tie-clips (or Tie Bars, if you prefer the straight and narrow look.) aren’t the simple steel your Father wore. Now you can add complimentary colours to your suit to show that some thought has gone into this: Slate blue, or Emerald green for instance. It adds one more color to the overall combination, but in an understated, ‘grown up’ manner. If everything else is dialed down, then a tie bar of complementing color is a great way to add some personality.

Of course, brown shoes are still ‘in’, especially with blue suits. We would personally suggest, however, that you stick with blue, grey or basic black with grey or black suits. Make them hard-wearing, too. We have a few months of changeable weather before Winter hits us, so make sure that you are protected from showers and wind with decent Brogues or Oxfords, perhaps a light, calf-length raincoat, and umbrella. There isn’t too much colouring in shirts this season, but have some fun with what you have. When that Jacket is off during longer-than-ever work hours spent in overly warm indoor working conditions, you still want to say more than simply basic white – it will look good for an after-drink cocktail date, too.

Wearing a suit can be tricky. The devil is in the details, and there's a lot that can go wrong: But, there's nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that you look so good! Something often forgotten is your shirt sleeve length visible below the suit jacket cuff. Somewhere between a quarter and a half an inch visible is the way to go to look your best: Just a reminder here that, with tailoring, it pays to sweat the details. Make sure that those little tucks and pleats your local tailor can do for you, will add so much to your overall look – including those pesky cuff lengths.

We have spent the summer adding new looks and fall and winter styles to our Pinterest account. If you like what you see, simply copy a picture and send it to your Tailor for an outline. You can access these pics, here:

Remember: No matter how great the suit is, a lack of tailoring will ruin it.

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