“A Tranquility that no Religion can Bestow.”

The old idiom, “Clothes maketh the man” holds true, even today. In the Nineteenth Century Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Being perfectly well-dressed gives one a tranquility that no religion can bestow.” Even in these days of casual wear being accepted everywhere, look at our heroes like Iron Man’s Tony Stark, Recording star Justin Timberlake, and those celebrities that dress like a Million dollars off screen, like David Beckham, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Usher…the list is never ending. What is more interesting is that these guys don’t have to dress up. They do so because they exude confidence, success and style. Isn’t it time you joined this list?

Throughout the last 200 years, the suit may have changed in some ways, but it’s still a similar style. This is called a classic style that has the look and feel of timeless strength. Use made to measure, made to order, or bespoke tailors to get the exact fit for your body type. Tailors have adjusted their business to accommodate the on-the-go male and found ways to get you into the suit that will make you feel like either Steve McQueen or Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair: The same well-dressed man played by two male icons, almost 50 years apart.

The rules are simple: A suit should fit well at the neck-line, shoulders, and waist. It should not be loose in the thigh or bunch too much at the shoe. The classic colors are still the best; darker shades of blue, navy, or steel grey work very well for a base. Two piece suits work well for more casual engagements. A three-piece suit gives you the option to take off your jacket and still have a cover that fits well and is coordinated to the overall look. Think about the occasion you are wearing this at, the season you will wear it, the style that fits you best, and the colour and pattern that flatters the entire ensemble as well as you.

Don’t worry too much about colour. You can always accessorize a darker colour suit that you can wear for multiple occasions. If you have a front pocket, use a silk. If you have a two-piece suit, wearing a light fabric sweater underneath gives you a classic look with a silky soft feel and look. In cooler weather, adding a scarf will also bring attention to you and your suit. Of course a well-fitting shirt is also key to making sure you look well-groomed and confident, along with ties where applicable.

Shoe styles and colours have also changed over the last few years. Your shoes finish out the whole picture of who you are. They say, “I’ve looked at everything from my head to my toes and I’ve chosen deliberately to give them the best.”

Do not under any circumstance wear a black shoe with a brown suit. Go for a brown, red, or burgundy shoe that gives a polished looked to your attire. If you are wearing a black suit wear only black shoes, however blue and grey shoes match those colour suits perfectly.

There's something about wearing a well-fitting, well matched suit. It is a classic way for a man to show the world that he knows his stuff and he’s someone to be taken seriously. But more than that, the comfort and confidence that a made to order suit gives a man is priceless. The end product of your style shows distinction and discrimination of taste. The classic look in suits has made a comeback and is rising in popularity and - with it - the chance to stand out as the uniquely male model of your standards and values. A well-fitting, beautifully accessorized suit tells the world and those you want to impress that you are man of taste who won’t compromise on craft or value to bring your skillset to the job.

The best tip is to choose your own path to your own look. That’s why the well-made suit is making a resurgence in popularity. Because the world is looking for men to stand up with distinction and purpose and show the world their unique self – just like Thomas Crowne!

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