The European View of Spring 2018 Men’s Fashions

As we have stated before, Men don’t study the newest Fashion Show Catwalk trends in the same way that Women do. In fact, it’s pretty rare when we even look in shop windows at ‘new looks’, so allow us to offer some Italian Fashion news for the upcoming Spring season!

These headlines aren’t just from ‘anywhere’, either. These tips are courtesy of Pitti Uomo , the bi-annual Italian Menswear festival held in Florence. This celebration of sartorial excellence for the well-dressed European male attracts all of the big names in Men’s style, showcasing upcoming trends and the return of well-known styles. It is a definite picture of the Men’s fashion scene that the largest Fashion and Style show only happens once every two years, when changes in Women’s styles are highlighted every six months! Here are ‘our highlights’ of what you may be seeing as the winter weather clears up.

Of course, there is a general return to softer, brighter colours and fabrics as the weather begins to warm up. This is standard operating procedure for all men’s styles, but it’s also a sign for you to do some work. Grab last year’s Spring and Fall looks, and get them fixed, altered, re-styled and cleaned to get ready for the season. It may only be January, but Easter will be here before you know it, and many professionals have better pricing during the slow months of the year. February and March are definitely slower than most, featuring post-Christmas belt-tightening and Pre-Tax season saving!

You may also want to break out some old favourite clothing, as there is a general return to ‘homely, comfortable, less rigid looks: Denim shirts are back! The weekend essential was spotted dressed up with ties, trousers, blazers and coats to create looks that were sharp with a down-to-earth touch. To wear the trend yourself, select a light blue denim or chambray shirt. Then, pair it with formal or business pieces in shades of dark blue/navy or brown. Likewise with Polo neck styles. The look, which combines a sleek suit with a cosy turtleneck sweater, achieved an appearance that was polished and an outfit that was appropriately warm for the season change.

As far as outerwear, the Camel-Hair coat is going to be seen more often in the streets. Light, rich with warm and seriously stylish, these tones of camel, caramel and more provided the perfect winter pick-me-up. To incorporate the trend into your wardrobe, try a tailored camel coat or opt for a bold head-to-toe look. We have already seen Camel hair coats and jackets in the Studio for re-sizing this winter, so the word is getting around. If you are a hat wearer, it’s time to ditch the Baseball Cap in favour of the good, old-fashioned Flat Cap. This accessory brought a traditional and gentlemanly touch to outfits. Perfectly paired with a suit or blazer and trousers, these classic caps appeared far from dated. In fact, they look positively dapper on the heads of well-dressed wearers.

Tasseled Loafers are back, as are big chunky belts, and crocheted, or woolen, ties. As you can see from these headlines, we are heading to something that is more semi-professional in tailoring for the months to come, so get cozy, and look good. You can find more details on these points through the link above and, as always, take some of the pictures to you tailor for the work you want to do to your favourite pieces. He is there to help you look fashionable, as well as feel good.

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