Men’s Fashion 4 Hope

There is a wonderful feeling when your passion, or even your strong interest, has another wonderful meaning for someone else. Tailoring has been my life for almost half-a-century. It isn’t just a job, or simply my business, it is a calling: One that allows me to create and make someone else’s life better. The feeling when someone loves a suit that I have created is truly a blessing. For those that know me, they know that I am a Spiritual man – one who truly believes that his life is directed by a greater being than just myself. I truly think that He gave me my skill and He brings my incredible customers to me on a daily basis. It is this joining of people and the way they wish to dress that makes Tailoring such a worthwhile pursuit.

Now, I have found another gift that has been put into my daily path. A way to support great young Canadian designers, be part of a fabulous event, and give to a worthwhile cause. What’s more, it’s all part of TOM – the Toronto Fashion Week for Men event, running in the first week of March 2018. It’s called MENSFASHION4HOPE, and it’s a special charitable initiative at TOM* to raise fund for The Kol Hope Foundation for children. All proceeds are donated to the SickKids Hospital via the Kol Hope Fund at SickKids to help improve the condition and lives of children with congenital diseases. The mission of The Kol Hope Foundation for children is to show love, compassion and support for all children with disabilities.

SickKids played an important role in Kol’s survival, and it was through the hospital’s medical and professional care that Kol surpassed his diagnosis of three months, and lived for 14 years. This special fund created under his name, allows all the “little Kols” of the world, a chance for a better life. The Kol Hope Fund at SickKids supports the work of the hospital, and the SickKids Genetics Clinic, which provides the best care to kids with chromosomal disorders.

To see all of the details of donating, and to enjoy videos from past year’s men’s catwalk event, please see the link below, enjoy and give to a wonderful cause. It’s just another way that Men’s tailoring can help more than just the person that made it, wears it, or created it. It’s a way to give hope to someone that desperately needs it in the future.

We could all do with giving more to other people. With the financial Year End upon us, what a better time of year is there to share the wealth just a little bit further.

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