Summer 2018 - The Suit is Back!

Summer Suit ideas 2018

We have seen Men’s fashions getting more and more casual until baggy shorts and a Baseball Cap worn askew are almost a ‘Professional look’ ! For those of us in the Men’s outfitting industry, we knew that it was only a matter of time before the Pendulum swung back the other way. We have seen the return of the two piece suit in the popular ‘slim-fit’ look, and all of the High Street Men’s ready-to-wear chain stores didn’t go out of business concentrating on the more traditional look. For Autumn 2018, we are poised to the professional man’s suit look come back in force, which means that this year’s Summer looks are going to star that trend.

So what look should the well-dressed man be looking at for the warner months to come? Ilaria Urbinati, a celebrity stylist helps interpret a more casual approach to a suit in her work. "There are just so many ways to play now—with fabrics, with colors, with proportions," she says. "Guys are also incorporating athleisure into their suiting—wearing sneakers instead of dress shoes, wearing polos and T-shirts instead of dress shirts."

For years, suits were synonymous with reservation. You wore a tux to a black tie wedding; a black suit to a funeral; a gray or navy one to the workplace. But it wasn't just the situation that was formal—the suits themselves were, too.

"Go back five to ten years, and you were either wearing a suit with a tie and a formal shirt or you were wearing casual wear, with no in between," says Sam Lobban, Mr. Porter's Buying Manager. "Those two lines have blurred a lot more. We're seeing suits being worn in a much more casual way, like with a crewneck sweater rather than in this super-formal, buttoned-up way."

So, obviously, you can afford to have some fun – even with a more formal look. Let’s face it, the suit itself is timeless. It will always be a part of menswear. If you need to look smart, it's the best option that the guy has, but ties and other accessories can be eschewed for a more Semi-Formal look, perhaps with a crisp Polo shirt, or even a coloured T-shirt.

A navy blue suit is still the mainstay of your wardrobe, because you can wear the same one to weddings, to work, and everything in between. As for the future of the suit, who knows? One thing is for sure, though, the suit movement has begun again, so dig out all of those old suits from the back of your closet, get them tailored to fit you better at your friendly neighbourhood suit specialist, have them dry cleaned and you are ready for whatever ‘dressy events’ you may have surprising you over the upcoming Summer months.

I wanted to remind everyone of my Pinterest page, where I have been curating some of my favourite new and classic looks over the last year, and continue to do so. The picture at the top of this post comes from there, and the pictures grow every month. If you want something made-to-measure but are unsure of what to ask for, grab a picture from there and take it to your tailor – He will be able to help you out with suggestions of fabric, fit and colour.

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