Happy Canada Day !

Unfortunately the weather is against most men’s dressing up when it comes to Summer celebrations. While the ladies can have fun with colour, design and accessories no matter what the weather is like, Men are generally down to funny T-shirts and hats. It’s Canada Day very soon, and – once again – the very cool Canada I have had for years will have to remain on the drawer, while I put a T-shirt on. It’s just going to be too hot on July 1st for anything more than casual shirt and shorts: But what about the evening? While most of us of a certain age are too tired after spending a hot day out in crowded streets to do anything more than hit the couch on the same thing we wore all day, you may want to dress up and go out in the evening to make the most of that day off work.

As you can see from the pictures up above, you can still have some fun with a somewhat dressy wardrobe and make the most of our special day. Who’s to say that you can’t dress somewhat formally, and still show a sense of humour?

A shout out, here to Opposuits - Crazy Men’s suits for All Occasions. These are very funny guys running a company dedicated to creating suits for the guy with irrepressible passions. Whether you are a Super-Hero fan, or Sci-Fi geek, Opposuits make the Spider Man or Darth Vader suit just for you! Check out their website (https://www.opposuits.ca) for not only these, but also more fantastic ideas on how you can light up a room, dress unforgettably, and have some fun at the same time. They'll even ship them to you.

If you have any out-of-the-box ideas let your local Tailor know about them. He’ll be only too willing to come up with some ideas, because making unforgettable suits is what they are accustomed to doing. He may also ask if he can promote your ‘wild and crazy suit’ to others that may have been thinking of the same thing. No matter what you want in a suit, make sure you go to a professional, and get something that will fit you today and in the future. Even if you don’t want to look ‘done up like a Rec. Room’, you may want some ‘different’ details such as hidden pockets, or exaggerated lapels. Bring some pictures or designs with you and he’ll do the rest.

As for me – and guys of my age – I’ll keep all of my ‘dressy suits’ for Christmas and the New Year (and wait till you see what the Opposuit guys have for those celebrations.), and dress down in the Summer. This year, once again, I’ll be at my city’s Canada Day celebrations. This means we’ll be closed for that day as usual, but I’ll be back the day following, perhaps still wearing my Canadian floppy Sun Hat! Who knows what ideas a customer just like you will bring in for me to design. Remember, your Tailor is like your Doctor or Priest. What happens in the Studio is strictly between you and him!

Happy, Dressy Canada Day!

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