Keep the Cold out Without Losing your Cool – Part One

It may be bright outside right now, but we all know how fast our weather can change, and the calendar tells us that winter is fast approaching. Ask yourself: how is your outerwear game looking? If you look in your closet, is it full of windbreakers, or a Bomber or two? Think back a few months, and you will remember what things feel like from December to February when the mercury has dropped, the branches are bare, you don’t know when the rain and cold will end and you didn't get a decent overcoat. For those with a little more sartorial sense now is the ideal time to think about what wardrobe additions you may also want to think about to add to your comfort and style.

When budgets are tight (and when aren’t they?), you may want to look into your elderly relative’s closets, or at pieces you have saved from past generations. The two styles we are highlighting this month definitely have a ‘throwback’ look that is back into style, right now.

Perhaps a visit to your local Thrift store will show you some older styles that will help you look your best amid the snow, slush, rain and wind we are all about to experience. Of course, your local tailor can help you look your best with any alterations, re-styling and repairs to those Classics to bring them up-to-date, and ensure you look well-fitted out. If your professional also offers a Made-To-Measure service, you can also have one made ‘from scratch’ that will outlast you!

Let’s look at some classic, timeless styles.

The Trench Coat

Most Men’s overcoats owe their life to a military heritage, and this is definitely true of the classic trench. The style has hardly changed since its invention during World War I.

Waterproof, full-length and belted, it offers both form and function alongside a healthy dose of old-fashioned masculinity thanks to the upward-pointing lapels, which give the appearance of broader shoulders.

The classic camel or black colour made so popular over the years are great matches to your wardrobe as it can be easily worn with casual wear and even over street-wear for a bold clash of styles. “If you intend to wear one predominantly over a suit during the week, then midnight blue or moss green – will look very cool.

The Check Overcoat

Heritage designs – and more specifically, checks – have made a comeback in recent years, squaring up on everything from trousers and shoes to tailoring and knits, but it’s when you show them off in an overcoat style that they really look their best. What’s more you’ll be warm and comfy on Public Transit during the commute during the worst weather patterns.

This season, the windowpane check - a pattern which has long been associated with some of history’s most elegant and confident dressers – is back in a big way, giving you a bold and powerful look.

Alongside this, plenty of brands across the high street are embracing looser silhouettes, so don’t be afraid to wear this style a little bigger (though you should look for coats cut with a generous shape, because these will generally be worn over Suits, or jacket/pants combinations). Don’t forget that if the pattern is big and colourful, keep it in check by teaming with a more neutral outfit.

If your style and curiosity leads to Pea or Textural ‘dress’ outerwear, we’ll be looking at some ideas for these in our next post. Stay warm and look good this fall!

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