Tailoring: Getting your Perfect Look

You are what you appear to others; especially when it comes to your own style. Dress the way you want to be perceived, and utilize your local tailoring specialist to help you. Here’s another plus, too; you’ll never be able to wear an off-the-rack suit again without your soul dying a little.

They’re built to fit a “average-proportioned” man. If your chest, waist, and torso measurements don’t match up, you’re out of luck. Yet you wear them, because men have to don suits for certain work and special occasions. But rarely are they required to wear good-looking ones. So every day, an ill-fitting brotherhood amble along downtown Vancouver streets dressed in ill-fitting two-pieces with gaping necks, open vents, and sleeves that are too long.

With a tailor, you get to pick the fabric, the buttons, even the colour of the buttonholes. With him, a standard blue suit can be sublime. There is also a logical reason for getting above-and-beyond material to make your suit from: It will last you for decades to come, making it a budget buy. It’s about proportion and choice. That’s because fine tailors assert that the wearer of a bespoke suit will feel more comfortable and confident in it than in any other article of clothing he will ever wear.

If bespoke is an unfamiliar concept, it’s because almost no one does it! It is a demanding form of tailoring that requires every stitch (up to 10,000) be done by hand, unlike machine-sewn custom or made-to-measure tailoring. Paddings and shoulders are made of horse hair. Patterns are drafted for each customer. Ready-made suits, however, are often filled with foams, glues, and synthetic fibres. Such personalized service means that you get a suit to wear before your actual wardrobe piece.

The bespoke method also requires the tailor to create a try-on version of a suit that’s made of muslin. With the cheap mock-up, tailor and client are able to perfect the cut before scissors are applied to any fine wool.

After one more fitting, he will be able to begin work on the real thing: This where the material you chose, the ink-blue wool with a smoked-orange windowpane check. With angled ticket and hacking pockets rather than the usual horizontal side pockets, the suit promises to be incredibly dashing; a tailor will even match up the orange lines so that the verticals and horizontals meet at every seam on the suit.

He makes all of the components of a suit himself, and the final result is an outfit that is the product of love and professionalism: You can’t spend days on the same piece without working to make it as perfect as possible.

Instead of ‘having to put a suit on’, why not treat yourself to a dashing, long-lasting, one-of-a-kind outfit that makes you look more professional, more handsome, more ‘put-together’? If you feel confident and accessorize with restraint and a dash of humour, guess what others will think: Your fellow travellers, clients, prospects, vendors, supervisors and colleagues.

Remember, you are how others see you, and you’re only as good as the last suit you wore. Your neighbourhood tailor knows that your reputation is really important, and all of this work is for you.

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