Keep the Cold out Without Losing your Cool – Part Two

In our last post on the Best Winter Outerwear for Men, we covered the everyday looks offered by the Trench and Check Overcoats. However there are various stylish alternatives to these, if you wish to be a little more adventurous. Not that these are in any way too fashionable for anyone to wear, but the last three choices we wish to highlight aren’t the first choice of many men. They are – however - still stylish and will keep you warm and cozy in a variety of work and social occasions, as well as giving you a ‘cool way to stay warm’ on those Winter days, where it isn’t too wet, or the weather ‘can’t make up its mind what to do.’

The Pea Coat

The double-breasted pea coat is nothing short of a smart-casual beast. Simply put, it’s one of those coats you can throw on and look instantly better, whether you wear it with distressed jeans and Chelsea boots, or tailored trousers and sneakers. In terms of colour, a navy pea coat is the ultimate go-to versatile style for the weekend that can be dressed up or down.

It’s wise to avoid second-skin fits when buying a pea coat, not just because going slightly oversized adds a dashing Heathcliff-on-the-moors vibe to your look, but also because it allows room for slotting a chunky roll neck or cable knit jumper underneath.

The Textured Coat

When winter cold hits in earnest, even the hardiest folk wish they could brave the elements in a coat that more closely resembles a rug. Thankfully, designers have got the message and this year you can wrap up in textured designs crafted from cashmere and corduroy, as well as tried and tested wools and herringbone.

If you don’t fancy shouting with bold patterns or colours, then choosing to express yourself with texture is an effective way of being stylishly cold. Why leave all the texture to the knitwear? Combine a rugged herringbone overcoat with a chunky Aran knit or fisherman’s jumper for added depth on your top half – and pair with selvedge denim and boots down below.

As for creating a slick look that works overtime (even while you’re in the pub), it’s best to let the coat do the talking. Opt for simple pieces underneath – a black roll neck and deep navy chinos perhaps – and throw on a flecked grey wool overcoat for a look both bossy and effortlessly cool. Swap out those leather shoes for some smart leather trainers, and you’re left with an outfit that can take you practically anywhere.

The Shearling Jacket

Prized by generations of stylish men over the years, shearling is one of the warmest and most luxurious winter coat fabrics. As such, you’ll likely have to skip a few shepherd’s pie dinners to afford one, but there is no shortage of options available and in all styles imaginable.

One way to swerve the cost is to opt for a coat with just a shearling collar (faux shearling will also come in at a fraction of the price). That way, you still get the warmth around your neck, but without herding your bank balance into the red.

Trucker jacket styles work well here, particularly in denim or corduroy, two fabrics that offer a rugged work-wear look for the winter. Pair them with plaid wool shirts and dark jeans for an ode to Americana, or look for more elevated styles that you could wear with tailored trousers and a pair of Derby shoes to make sure you dodge the football commentator connotations.

One of the major advantages of these three styles, is that they don’t come down to past your knees, making driving, sitting, and reaching for your wallet and phone easier than with the Trench and Check looks we highlighted previously, which means you can wear them as jackets.

These three styles will definitely set you apart from the crowd, look stylish and we warm and practical to wear. Whether you are protecting yourself from the rain or the cold, these ideas will definitely make you the most sophisticated and protected guy at work or play all winter.

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