Why the Work Suit Works

Is it still ‘Old Fashioned’, or ‘Stuffy’ to dress for success at work? Is it more important to be cool at work, rather than being professional? When given the choice, it is important to dress the way that people want to see you, not strictly for your own comfort. Why - Because the way that you are perceived is still vital to success. We still get the information we need as Human Beings through our eyes, and the more we look like the decision makers in our lives, the more successful we appear. Even if your immediate Supervisor believes in dressing down, he may not be the decision-maker you are looking to impress. Here are some facts to bear in mind when dressing for work, and dressing for suc

The Female View of Tailoring

If a man needs a great reason why they should own a tailored suit, then how about ‘What Women think?’ While we always think of a professional workplace and dressing as if you know what you are talking about, have you ever thought what a Woman finds ‘Hot’? After all, while you are trying to look cool, the members of the opposite sex that you are passing in your local Coffee Shop, or on Transit to and from the office are thinking something completely different. We trawled the Internet for some reasons to look as good as possible, and how wearing a tailored suit can change the way they look at you. Here are some great highlights: There are few things more impressive than a man in a suit. The r

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