Get a Tailor's help for 'Back-to-School' time

Do you notice those `Back-to-School Ads are back on TV? They are tough to miss, and a little warning bell probably goes off at the back of your mind when you watch them warning you that there is a ton of clothes shopping to do. Here are a couple of ideas that will save you money, take a worry from your mind, and help your kids look like Rock stars this fall. If your child is a younger one, it’s time for those old favourites: Hand-me-Downs - however, with an interesting twist. A couple of visits to your local tailor – especially for those fast growing boys – will show you how to make him look his best, AND develop a liking in him for a better dressed future. When you include a child’s input

Finding the right fit for your suit

Continental Cut British Cut American Cut Back in the ‘80s, there were three styles of suit that all Tailors knew: the American, the British, and the Continental. Although they have morphed into one style these days, we think these terms are still useful for creating a mental check-off list when picking the right suit for your body. Now that we are in the heat of the daytime suit season, with fancy indoor and outdoor occasions that may require you to buy a new suit or have tailored for you, it is worth running through the ideas that featured in each of these suit styles. The American-Cut Suit An American-style sui

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