Shake up your wardrobe – Bond style

We have said a lot about the importance of having the LBS – ‘The Little Black Suit’ in your wardrobe. But where do you go if you want to get something really ‘Snazzy’ for that special winter event? How about ‘Bonding’ it up? I was one of the many that thought that, wardrobe-wise, Pierce Brosnan was the best James Bond. Sure, he had the Tuxedo that everyone re-incarnation has, but he had a frame that any clothing looked very good on. In 2014, the actor played the part of an ex-Secret Agent in ‘The November Man’, and his famous style sense was still in evidence – even as an older man. How about this very tasty grey suit? It flatters Brosnan’s very cool complexion, though it brings out the grey

What to wear for a 'Blazing' Fall

It's beginning to get too cold for shirt-sleeves. If you are in a dressy situation in which a suit is too formal and a sport coat too sporty, then your best option is to wear a classic, custom blazer paired with trousers not of the same color. The possibilities, while not endless, give a man options that a suit cannot. A blazer can be matched with paisley, striped, checked, or solid ties. For those men who can wear with confidence, a blazer with a bow tie makes for a manly impression that is often dismissed as old fashioned. Sadly, this classic piece of menswear is seen just as that: out dated and only something men in their 50’s would wear, so why invest in a well-tailored blazer? Investing

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