The 2016 Wellness Show is coming!

If there’s anything at all to look forward to in February, it’s the annual Wellness Show in Vancouver. This year is the 24th and, while we haven’t gone every year, my wife and I have visited for at least the last 10 years. It has certainly grown over the years, and on 2016 is held at the Vancouver Conference Centre at the foot of Burrard Street. Certainly the calendar placement is a great one: In the middle of February, when everyone’s willpower is wearing thin and those New Year resolutions are in danger of being dropped! You can pick up advice, tips and merchandise concerning a whole array of health related products that will definitely make a difference to you if you add them to your ever

Staying stylish in the winter.

Whether you are travelling out by taxi for social occasions this winter, or simply commuting to the office by Transit, you may want to dress appropriately. Any time spent outside of your house, or the car may well mean that you need a dressy, stylish set of outfits that also keep you warm. Are there any “rules” to dressing for the weather, and still looking good indoors? Here are a few ideas for you. For fabrics, you can do worse than wool. You may well have linen suits in your wardrobe that work wonderfully in Spring and Summer, but may not provide too much protection against winter winds and rains. Although the Western Canadian climate doesn’t usually include too much snow, those winter st

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