Shopping on a Budget – Part 1; Spring and Summer

Now that Winter is over, we all look at our closet and wonder: “Is this all old-fashioned? “or “If only I could get a wardrobe overhaul and start again.”. Well, the answers are- probably –“Yes”, and “Well – you can, but it will take some forethought.” Your second-rate salary needn’t hold you back from improving your wardrobe. You just need to learn how to shop for a new wardrobe on a budget. And to do that, we first need to destroy some of your false beliefs. Looking for a new suit and all of the matching accoutrements that go with it, from cool shirts, shoes and belts looks expensive when you look at shop windows. It appears to be at least a few hundred dollars out of your pocket, and that

Best Looks from The Oscars

When I watch the Oscar ceremonies, of course I have an interested eye on the Men’s fashions. While most Dinner suits (or Tuxedos) looks are identical, you can always see new fashions coming in, or changes in Tie design, and other accoutrements. This year, for instance, I noted a lot of black running shoes with tuxes, definitely a further nod to an Urban look, even attached to an outfit that you would wear perhaps once a year. I keep a Tuxedo for very special occasions, so I’m never actually shopping for one, but we do occasionally fit a customer with evening wear for high-impact evening dress. You only need one, but it’s worth looking after - perhaps keeping it inside a suit bag or carrier i

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