How do Tailors Restyle a Suit? – Part Two

In part one of this post, we looked at the Jacket sleeves, shoulders and waist. So, let’s move on to the pants and shirt as well as some major Jacket overhauls you may want to look at: Taper Trouser Legs One for guys who don’t skip leg day but still want a slim silhouette, tapering trouser legs is a straightforward way of ensuring trousers or jeans that fit at your waist and thigh also fit well through the lower leg. The process involves slimming the trouser leg down from the mid-thigh/knee area to the break, stripping away excess fabric and creating a new seam that sits closer to the body. Ideal if you want your denim or chinos to look less like your dad’s. Hem The Trousers “Trousers should

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