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One of the most famous sayings that has re-entered our vocabulary is "Keep Calm and Carry On". This was first used during the Second World War as British citizens were urged to keep going, even though life was bad. In the months following the global economic meltdown in 2008, this saying came back to us, thanks to some clever marketers, as -once again - life became a struggle. Another great morale boosting saying from the same time was: "Re-use, and re-purpose." This too is a very timely idea worth bearing in kind in these days of frugality and 'belt-tightening'.


Getting into the height of fashion has always been an expensive way to dress. You know that buying a new suit can now cost between $200 and $600, with the only deals being short-lived 'Buy 1 Get 1 free' events. If you are looking for a suit or jacket and pants at a decent cost, for a special event, you may balk at buying clothes that you don't need, or paying a huge amount for suits that you may not wear again for a long period of time. With life becoming more and more casual, who needs a wardrbe that you never use?


The answer is to re-style your existing wardrobe.


Apart from overall fit, or lapel size, most Men's clothing hasn't changed very much in decades. If you have an 'LBS' (Little Black Suit), why not have it re-styled to your 'current specifications'? There are  many pluses to this:

  • Suits that have already lasted for a few years have probably been well-made, and will last for years longer.

  • If you have one black suit, matching shirts, and a small selection of ties, you are already well dressed for most formal events.

  • Having one suit, dry cleaned and pressed, and hanging under a cover in your closet means that you are ready for a fast change.

  • The older we get, the more stable our weight has become, so having a suit altered for your current size, means that you will probably not need doing again.


You can get a suit restyled at Walter the Tailor in three visits:

An appointment for current measuring and drop off.

An 'Intermediate' visit to ensure that everything hangs correctly, and for you to suggest changes in fit or comfort.

A final fitting and pick up.


In approximately two weeks you can rejuvenate your wardrobe, even modernising it by making it more of a 'slim', modern fit, if you prefer. It's a simple way to re-use perfectly good clothing, to make it more modern, or simply fit better, and make you feel better. the cost is usually at the low end of buying an off-the-rack suit, that will rpobably need some personalisation, anyway. Of course, if you want to get multiple jackets and trousers (Pant Suits too, Ladies.) restyled, you can ensure that you look good even in your everyday business attire that you have worn for years.


Restyle your wardrobe today, and look and feel more confident when you need to, at a lower price than buying new.